What was supposed to be

I was supposed to write a post about mental illness as a follow-up to my post on gun control. This isn’t it. I have been thinking about this post – and almost nothing else, at least as relates to my blog. I have decided to, at least for now, shelve the post. The reality is that I am scared of writing it.

That is all.

I can’t protect my children

(Warning: This blog post contains foul language. Small children and easily offended people should just go to this post about Colonial Williamsburg instead. The rest of us are going to have a grown-up conversation).

Astute readers (all three of you plus my wife) will notice that I haven’t posted anything for about two weeks. There’s reasons for that. I would like to say that it’s because I’ve been busy (which I have). That’s not it though. It’s because I have thought about discontinuing this blog. I don’t feel like a father anymore. I cannot protect my children. And for that, I blame the NRA. Continue reading I can’t protect my children