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Going on a road trip of the southeast next summer

Next summer I am planning to take a two week road trip of the southeast with my girls. I have been diligently trying to work my way through all of the states for the past 7 years. Because of my day job, I have been able to cross a good amount off of my list, but there are a bunch of states, mainly in the middle of the country, that I have yet to reach.

My plan currently is to fly into Atlanta and then drive to Birmingham, Memphis, Nashville, Gatlinburg and Asheville and then go back to Atlanta. I have just started planning, so I don’t have a clear idea of where I would like to visit in each city as of yet. I do know that I would like to go to Dollywood and the Biltmore Mansion. I know, two completely opposite sides of the spectrum, but that’s what makes road tripping fun

I can visit different historical sites, but also throw in some more kitschy things along the way. There will also be a liberal dash of amusement parks and some rest days along the way. I will be traveling with a 15-year old and a 5-year old, and there is only so much history that they can take before their eyes glaze over; the 5-year old might last longer than the 15-year old.

I will continue planning my trip over the next few months and sharing the details on my blog. If you have any suggestions for sites to visit within those cities, let me know.

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  1. What a cool trip! Don’t forget to visit Elvis Presley’s mansion in Memphis. I went there a long time ago and it was fun.

    • I will have to add that to the list. Thanks!

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